John J. "Jack" Deltuvia, Sr.
Jackson, NJ
1934 - 2007

Gravemarkers of Jack's Family

Jack's Parents Andrew Anthony Deltuvia, Sr. (immigrant from Lithuania) and Margaret Frances Callahan Deltuvia

Jack's Brother Andrew Anthony Deltuvia, Jr. and wife Edna D. Berard Deltuvia

Jack's Brother Andy's Navy Plaque

Jack's brother Andy's Obituary, pg. B6,The Asbury Park Press, Tuesday, May 7, 1996

Jack's Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law, Ellen Viola McLean Norcott and Patrick Joseph Norcott, Sr.
(both immigrants from Newfoundland)
Other Norcott relatives entombed in this plot at St. John Roman Catholic Cemetery, Flushing, Queens include
Margaret Norcott, mother of Patrick Norcott, Sr.; Mary J. Norcott, sister of Patrick Norcott, Sr.; and
Margaret F. Norcott Borowski, another sister of Patrick Norcott, Sr., and godmother of Jack's wife Helen.



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